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Section 1 - Annual Operating Budget and Subsequent Revisions


Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Budgets

Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budgets

Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budgets


Section 2a and 2b - Summary of Expenditures- Expressed in Pie Charts


2a. Operating Expenditures 2016-2017

2b. Personnel Expenditures 2016-2017


Section 3a, 3b and 3c - Listing of Collective bargaining Agreements, Health Care Plans and Audit Report


3a. Current Collective Bargaining Agreements


AFSCME (2017-2020)

CEA (2017-2018)

MESPA (2017-2018)


3b. SETSEG Employee Benefit Plan (2017-2018)

3b. MESSA Benefit Plan (Below)


Dental Summary For Central Office And Non Union Staff (2018)

Dental Summary For Paraprofessional (2018)

Dental Summary For Teaching Staff (2018)

Health Summary Choices Plan For Food Services and Maintenance (2018)

Health Summary Choices For Office Staff and Non-Union Staff (2018)

Health Summary Choices For Teachers (2018)

Health Summary For Para-Professionals (2018)

Health Summary HDP Pak C Non-Teaching Staff (2018)

Health Summary HDP Pak C Teaching Staff (2018)

Health Summary HDP Pak D Teaching Staff (2018)

Vision Summary For All Employees (2018)



3c. Audit Financial Report 2016-2017


3d. Procurement Policy


3e. Expense Reimbursement Policy

      2016-2017 Employee Reimbursement


3f.  Medical Benefit Plan Bids


Section 4- Salary and Benefit Description of Superintendent and any Employees with Salaries Exceeding $100,000


2016-2017 Superintendent Salary & Benefit Description


Section 5 - Annual Amount Spent on Dues paid to Associations



Association Dues Paid with District Funds in 2016-2017



Section 6 - Annual Amount Spent on Lobbying or Lobbying Services


The CLK District spent $0.00 on lobbying or lobbying services (2016-2017)


District Credit Card Information


District Paid Out-of-State Travel Information

There was no Out-of-State travel to report in 2016-17

Educator Evaluation Systems Posting and Assurances

Teacher Evaluation

Administrator Evaluation

School Safety Drills (2017-2018)

School Safety Drills (2016-2017)

School Safety Drills (2015-2016)