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Morningstar Investment Research Center Gale Databases

Morningstar is an on-line resource with a respected reputation for producing independent information and opinion on stocks and mutual funds.

This resource is available through funds provided by

Edward Jones Investments of Calumet.

Cross searchable databases including Virtual Reference Library (314 specialized reference sources), newspapers, journals and podcasts.
Michigan e Library Magazine Articles
An information tool for the state's libraries and it's citizens. Site includes Michigan Government and community information.  Complete magazine articles from WilsonSelect Plus.  Includes science, humanities, current events, education, business and more.
First Search InfoTrac
Large database of journal articles, indexes and catalogs.  Not all are full text. Includes New York Times, Detroit News, general magazine articles, reference for younger users, and health databases.
SIRS Discoverer  Electric Library
Reference database  with information from government documents, magazine articles, and newspapers.  Research database with photo archives, maps, information from TV and radio transcripts, newspaper and magazine articles.
E-Books Main Street Calumet Preservation Collection
The E-Books site includes over 6,000 electronic books available free of charge for your use and enjoyment. Start your E-Book experience now! A Collection of The Main Street Calumet Preservation Collection..

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