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Technology Policy Overview

The Public Schools of Calumet, Laurium and Keweenaw promotes the use of its many advanced technologies for the betterment of its students, faculty, staff, and community.
The District views the use of these technologies as tools in the pursuit of educational betterment.
The policy governing the use of these tools, as set forth by the Board of Education on April 7, 1998, will be following their review and approval, made available in the following locations:

Hardcopy versions:
•  The CLK Public/School Library Circulation Desk
•  The district’s administrative offices during regular business hours.

Electronic versions:
•  On the World Wide Web at:
•  By email request to:
Please use the subject “Technology Policy Request” and in the body state the address to send the policy to.
In order to use the district's technologies you must have read and agree to the aforementioned policy.

Below are pdf formated versions of the District's Technology Policies. Also available below is the District's Technology Plan.
Student Use
Staff Use
Public Use
District Plan

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