Calumet High School

Sacred Heart High School

Distinguished Alumni Awardees


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Manila  N. Gipp

CHS ’21  Calumet Memorial Hospital

Verna Mize

CHS ’40 Defender of Lake Superior

Terence R. Murphy


SHHS’55 Distinguished Washington Attorney

Reverend Leslie Ollila

CHS ’61  College President, Inspiring Leader

Rear Admiral Leonard F. Picotte USN(Ret)

SHHS ’57

David W. Smith


CHS ’63 Mayor and Business Leader

Kalmin Smith


CHS ’62 State Legislative and Executive Leader

Rudolph Sutinen


CHS ’35 Businessman and Community Leader

Phillip H. Trezise


CHS ’28 Assistant U.S. Secretary of State

Don Poshak


CHS ’68 President’s Award/School Administrator

Martin Caserio


CHS ’32 Vice President of General Motors

Richard Impola


CHS 43 College Professor, Translator of Finnish Literary Classics

Jack Real


CHS ’33 President of Hughes Helicopter, Inc.

Dr. Ruth Rhines


CHS ’27  Medical Doctor and Researcher

James Quello


CHS  ’31 Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

Sydna and Bernard Eulrich


SHHS ’59 and CHS  ’58  President’s Award---Overcoming Medical Challenges

Gene Baroni


CHS ’54  CPA, Partner-VicePresident Price Waterhouse

Lyon B. King


CHS ’89 Professor, President of Aerophysics, Inc.

Dr. John C. Rowe

CHS ’61 Family Doctor, Leader in Medical Planning

Dr. Kenneth E. Rowe

CHS ’48 Family Doctor, Asst. Director of Michigan Dept. of Health

Dominic Vairo

CHS ’31 Football Notre Dame, Captain Voted All- American First Team

Judy Vairo Best


CHS ’55  Professor, Authority  on the Constitution’s Electoral College System

Paul Lehto


CHS ’57  President’s Award, Community Leader

Mandy Frantti

CHS ’89  Outstanding High School Teacher of Math and Physics

William Jackson


CHS ’54  CEO CableAmerica Corp., Community Leader, Supporter of C-L-K Schools

Walter I. Kitti


CHS ’36  Successful Teacher and Coach

Harry A. Scott


CHS  ’50  Aircraft and Aerospace Engineer

Reverend Kenneth J. Toth


CHS ’49 Religious Leader and Military Chaplain

Ronald Lahti


CHS ’79  President’s Award,  Leader in Law Enforcement and in Projects Helping the Less Fortunate

Carl Adams


SHHS ’58  Professor and Dept Head, Carlson School University of Minnesota

Arthur W. Thurner


CHS ’42  Professor and Author of Local History

Dr. Jerry Luoma


CHS ’61  Family Doctor and Medical Director of Calumet Aspirus Hospital

Wayne Lehto


CHS ’52  Researcher, Teacher of Nulcear Engineering Community Leader

Diane Tiberg


CHS ’63  Nurse and Business Leader in Community Nursing Services

Dr. John Marta


CHS ’50  Doctor, Teacher, Researcher

Carol Patrick


CHS ’60  President’s Award, Community Leader

Gene Arnsten


CHS ’57  Business Leader in the Lumber Industry Supporter of C-L-K Schools

Patricia Coppo


CHS ’69  Leader in The National and International Bone Marrow Donor Program

Clarence Fisher


CHS  ’58  President Upper Peninsula Power C0. Community Leader and Worker

Daniel Steck


CHS ’64  Professor and Researcher in Radon Gas Exposure and Risk Assessment

Uno Isaacson Family


President’s Award for Family Support of Combat Wounded Son and Brother

Dr. David H. Gilbert

President’s Award for medical care and community service.

General Ferdinand J. Chesarek

CHS ’32  Four star general with combat action in WWII and Korea

Dr. Roy W. Drier

CHS ’15  Local author and MTU professor

Sigrid K. Lehto

CHS ’20  Country school teacher

Robert P. Jewett

CHS ’50  Rocket scientist  

Keith and Claire Ojala

CHS ’50 & ‘52 President’s Award for distinguished careers and community service

Margaret Jane (Bryant) Wake

CHS ’35  Psychologist

Lawrence E. Danbom

CHS ’33  Special agent in the FBI

Charles E. Hein

CHS ’48  Surveyor and forester

Lyman Frimodig

CHS ’11  Michigan State athletic department

Bev Rouse Lewis

CHS ’75  Coach and Athletic Director

Gerald Vairo

CHS ’58  Attorney

James Bekkala

CHS ’50  Mining

Karl Jaskson

CHS ’52  Aerospace Engineer

Mark Bonenfant

CHS ’78  President’s Award as outstanding Educator

Peggy Jarve Ament

CHS ’84  Human Resources and Management

Raymond Tiberg

CHS ’63  Educator

Paul Rogers

CHS ’83  Brigadier General US Army

Darryl Pierce

President’s Award for service to the CLK educational community

Phyllis Locatelli

CHS ’63  Educator

William Jacka

CHS ’53  Insurance and Legal